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This privacy policy describes Incision's data practices, including the collection, use, and sharing of data through Apps that link to this privacy policy, along with the choices and rights you have to control those data practices.

WHO WE ARE Apps that link to this privacy policy are operated by Incision, located at 402 King Farm Blvd Ste 125 #AM1054 Rockville, MD 20850. As used in this policy, "Incision," "we," and "our" refers to this entity, who acts as a data controller and is responsible for the processing of personal data by the Apps under applicable privacy and data protection laws.

Other entities in the Incision family of companies may receive or process data in connection with the operation of the Apps, including Incision Commercial Services, Inc., Incision Recordings, Inc., and Incision Recordings Services, Inc., each of which is also located at 402 King Farm Blvd Ste 125 #AM1054 Rockville, MD 20850. Where applicable, each of these entities separately makes the disclosures in this privacy policy.

Apps may be operated on behalf of artists and/or partners who may process personal data in connection with the Apps. In such cases, we will disclose the relevant third parties on the Apps and/or at the point of data collection.

CONTACT US Questions or comments about this privacy policy, our data practices, or requests regarding your privacy rights may be submitted through our Privacy Request Form by clicking here. We are only able to respond to requests related to our data practices through this form.

ALL NON-PRIVACY QUESTIONS: Please see this FAQ regarding how to contact Incision with questions or requests not related to our privacy practices or your privacy rights.

You may also contact Incision’s Data Protection Officer, by writing to Incision (ATTN: “Data Protection Officer”), 402 King Farm Blvd Ste 125 #AM1054 Rockville, MD 20850

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